This web page is dedicated to the great line of Hubley, Gabriel and JLE metal auto kits that were sold from the 1950's to the 1990's.
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Ford Model A Phaeton
Early #856k-xxx with
divided box, later
numbers 4856-xxx & 4856 with
un-divided box.
One of the original
four, this
Ford Custom
Roadster # 853K
was sold from
1959 to 1962 and
was never reissued.
Another original four, Model A Ford Pickup Truck # 855K and was reissued after 1963 with the new 7 X 10 box.
An original four Model A Ford Roadster # 854K would be reissued in 1963 in the new undivided 7 X 10 box, kit number 850K-xxx, 4850-xxx and 4850.
This is the Hubley Model A Coupe Metal Kit # 861K-xxx New for 1963. Later Numbers of 4861-xxx And Just 4861.
Ford Mode A Town Sedan With Kit Numbers 857K-xxx, 4857-xxx And 4857.
Ford Model A Victoria, The Older Kit Numbers Before 1966 Were 866K-xxx & later 4866-xxx or
just 4866.
Ford Model A Pickup, Kit Numbers 855K-xxx, 4855-xxx And 4855.
Ford Model A Station Wagon, Kit Numbers
858k-xxx, 4858-xxx And 4858.
The rarest of the original 4 kits is this Hubley Indianapolis Racer #852K.
This kit was never reissued and only lasted a few years.
Chevy Hubley Kits Made Before 1965, May Be Slight variations In Colors But Design Stays The Same. 1/20 Scale, 8 1/2" Long With Over 75 Parts.
1932 Chevy coupe #4869,
1932 Chevy Roadster # 862k-xxx, (4862-xxx, 4862)
New in 1963
1932 Chevy Phaeton #4865-xxx, 4865)
New in 1964 ,
May be a
865K-xxx. kit also.
Hubley Packard Auto Kits, 1/22 Scale, 9 1/2" Long, Over 135 Parts.With Straight Eight Engine.
1930 Packard Sport Phaeton 859K-500, 859, (4859-xxx, 4859)
New in 1962
1930 Packard Roadster Kit #860K-500, (4860-xxx. 4860).
New in 1963.
1930 Packard Dietrich Victoria #4863, 4863-xxx. New in 1964.
SJ Duesenberg Hubley Kits. These Were The Top Of The Line Kits in 1/12 Scale, 12 Inches Long, Flexible Exhaust Hose, 320HP Supercharged Engine.
SJ Duesenberg Dual Cowl Phaeton #4864 And SJ Duesenberg Town Car, kit #4868
Hubley Manufacturing Company got its start in 1894 as a maker of electric train equipment until 1909 when they entered the Toy business. The toys were made of cast iron and were often modeled on actual vehicals or machinery. As the auto became a mainstay on American streets, Hubley added simple cast iron autos to their line of toys which also included cap guns and animal figures.
Moving forward a few decades, we find the Hubley Manufacturing Co. of Lancaster, Pa producing its first line of Automobile kits. Now made of zinc diecasting, these metal and plastic kits were first sold in 1959. These four original kits included the Indy Racer #852K, 1932 Ford Custom Roadster #853K, Model A Ford Roadster #854K and the Model A Ford Pickup Truck #855K. The Indy Racer was discontinued in 1961, never to be reissued, making it a rare kit. The Custom Roadster was discontinued in 1962 and was never reissued. The first issue boxes had compartments for the different parts. In 1963, the Model A Roadster was reissued in new packaging with model # 850K-300 and the Model A Pickup would be reissued in its new 7 X 10 box with its original model number.

For the production year of 1964, Hubely discontinued issuing their kits under the "K"- (Kit) series numberings and simply placed the numeral "4" in front of the previous 3-digit-K number... and retained the suffix number. Thus, the 8xxK-300 became 48xx-300.  Some releases were just 48xx. This numbering system continued until July, of 1965, when Gabriel Industries took over the Hubley operations. During the Gabriel Era, the suffix number was dropped completely and the 48XX-300 became simply model kit number 48XX.
Gabriel Industries continued issuing these fine kits made from the same molds and in the same old Hubley factory, adding a line of Model T kits to the mix. In 1980, kit production was halted when Gabriel was sold to CBS Toys. Over a decade later, JLE (ERTL) began making these fine kits in their Iowa factury until about 2000. They basically used the same molds but with a little retooling to add their name to the parts. Will this be the end of the Hubley kits? I think so.
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